How to Join OCC

Our pastor holds orientation classes for newcomers to learn about the faith beliefs and practices of Olmsted Community Church.  If you would like to take part in the next class, contact the church office.

Membership in Olmsted Community Church is open to any baptized Christian.  If you have not been baptized, the pastor can administer that sacrament on the day that you join.

Let the pastor know of your interest, and use the form below to send us basic New Member Information. The pastor prefers several days notice so that the Service of Welcoming can be included in the bulletin.  You will be asked to profess your faith in Christ and take membership vows during a regular service on Saturday or Sunday.  Our entire congregation renews their membership vows with you during the service.

First, we ask you to profess your faith in Christ:

  • Do you desire to affirm your baptism into the faith and family of Jesus Christ?  I DO.
  • Do you renounce the powers of evil and desire the freedom of new life in Christ?  I DO.
  • Do you profess Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior?  I DO.

These are the membership vows you are asked to take:

  • Do you promise, by the grace of God, to be Christ’s disciple, to follow in the way of our Savior, to resist oppression and evil, to show love and justice, and to witness to the work and word of Jesus Christ as best you are able?  I PROMISE WITH THE HELP OF GOD.
  • Do you promise, according to the grace given you, to grow in the Christian faith and to be a faithful member of the church of Jesus Christ?  I PROMISE WITH THE HELP OF GOD.
  • Do you promise to participate regularly in the worship of God and in the work of this local church as it serves this community and the world?  I PROMISE WITH THE HELP OF GOD.


Our ongoing requirements for membership: that you support Christ’s church with your prayers, your presence, your gifts, and your service.

  • Prayers: actively participate in prayer with God on a regular basis, both in personal devotions and in corporate worship.
  • Presence: take part in worship services, educational opportunities, and fellowship times as a committed member of this faith community.  Together, we grow.
  • Gifts: commit yourself to regular financial giving for God’s purposes.  Giving your  time and sharing your talents are vitally important too.
  • Service: reach out in ministry to others through your church.  Take part in service projects locally, regionally and/or internationally.  Find needs in our community and help organize programs to meet those needs.

We welcome you as a disciple of Jesus Christ and a member of Olmsted Community Church. 

May you be blessed, as our faith family is blessed by your presence among us.