What We Believe

As followers of Jesus Christ, we value testimonies, not tests of faith.

We are all on a journey toward truth, and as a community of faith we support and encourage one another. We don’t all have to believe the same things in exactly the same ways, but we can still respect wherever God is leading each person at this moment.


God — God is love, and God is active and still speaking in the world.

Jesus Christ — In Jesus, God has come to the world, conquering sin and reconciling us to God’s love.

Holy Spirit — God sent the Holy Spirit as the Eternal One’s continuing presence and activity in the world.

Authority of Scriptures — The Bible is the ultimate guide of faith and practice.

Doctrinal Freedom — Each person must determine for himself or herself what relationship to have with God. We do not impose doctrinal standards that must be met for membership.

Redefining Faith — Each generation is responsible for rethinking its beliefs as God’s word unfolds and conditions change.

Salvation — Forgiveness, grace, and eternal life are promised to all who have faith.

Service — In thanks to God, we work for justice for all and to establish God’s rule in the world.  We bear witness to God’s redeeming love through acts of loving service,  and making disciples in the name of Jesus.

SacramentsBaptism and Holy Communion are the two sacraments that unite us in faith with Jesus Christ.  Baptism welcomes us into the family of God. Holy Communion binds us together in remembrance of Christ’s sacrificial love and strengthens us for service in the world.


Our faith is over 2000 years old, but our thinking is not!

Come join us for worship, study, service and fellowship.