The family of faith at Olmsted Community Church ministers to those who have experienced death of a loved one.

We encourage you to notify the church as soon as possible in order to facilitate planning of the funeral or memorial service.  Family members are always welcome to participate in the service.  Sensitive consideration is given to family traditions and the particular circumstances of the bereaved.

The funeral worship service serves to recognize the pain and sorrow of the separation accompanying death, as well as the hope and joy of the promises of God to those who die and are raised in Jesus Christ.  We celebrate the life of the deceased, give thanks for the life that was lived, and commend this life to God.

We’ve prepared several documents to help you think about and plan a funeral or memorial service. Printed copies are available at the church office. We encourage members to provide the church office a copy of your funeral plans for our files. The pastor is available to discuss any planning with you.


Understanding the Christian Funeral (8 page PDF document)

Funeral Planning Checklist (2 page PDF document)