Memorial & Endowment Gifts

endowment_subThe Olmsted Community Church Memorial and Endowments (M&E) Program provides a beautiful and dignified way to express love.  It is a tangible means of perpetuating the memory of someone beloved by you or commemorating a special occasion in your life or the life of you family. You can provide a gift to M&E for any reason or to commemorate any occasion including birthdays, anniversaries, or special events in your life. You can even include the church in your will specifying that some monies go to Memorials and Endowments.

Specific funds include:


  • General Fund: Provides general funding for the church’s needs.
  • Westbrook Fund: Scholarship Fund for those attending religious schooling or going into the seminary.
  • Juanita West Fund: Scholarship fund.
  • Associate Pastor Reserve Fund: Money saved for an associate pastor if needed.
  • Purchasing Power Reserve Fund: Fund for general purposes to be used as needed by the church.


  • Special Music Fund: Monies for various musical needs, including the organ.
  • Halstead West H.E/Clawson Fund: Funds to be used for scholarship for those going into seminary or general scholarships to deserving students who are members of OCC.
  • Harding Steeple Fund:  Funds used for repair and upkeep of the steeple.
  • Beckman Chapel Fund:  Funds used for maintaining the chapel.
  • Martin Kitchen Fund: Funds used for upkeep of the kitchen.


Monies to be used as needed by the church.  Memorial and Endowments releases these monies when asked by the Cabinet after review by the Board of Finance.


DSC_1023Support the Ministry of Olmsted Community Church through our Memorial and Endowment Program

Contributions to our Memorial and Endowments Program are generally presented in one of the following ways.


IN LOVING MEMORY: This type of gift is often given at the time of death as a means of expressing your sympathy to the bereaved as well as seeking to perpetuate the memory of the deceased.  This gift is presented in loving memory of a deceased family member, relative, or friend.  Sometimes, a donation is made many years after the death of the one in whose memory it is presented.  Special days such as Christmas, Easter, Memorial Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, are very appropriate times for a memorial gift to be given.

IN HONOR OF:  This would be a gift in honor of someone who is living.  The gift might be given in honor of a special occasion or event in the donor’s life or the life of a family member, relative, or friend.  Examples of occasions or events prompting “IN HONOR OF” gifts are:  recovery from an illness, an outstanding achievement, a special honor received, graduation, joining the church, the birth of a child or grandchild or a birthday.


The funds received as an Endowment Gift are invested by the Memorial and Endowments Committee.  The income from the investments is used to support special projects undertaken by the church.  The principal is not reduced and grows through wills, trusts, and outright gifts.  An Endowment Gift might be given ‘IN LOVING MEMORY OF” or “IN HONOR OF” as described above.


You can pick up a Memorial and Endowments form and envelope in the Narthex of the church or you can contact a member of the Memorials and Endowments Committee.  Please type or print all necessary information concerning your gift on the card in the envelope.  The Olmsted Community Church will send a gift acknowledgement to the person listed.  It will indicate from whom the gift has been received and in whose memory or honor it has been given.  The amount of the gift will not be indicated.

Olmsted Community Church will send you, the donor, a card acknowledging the receipt of your gift and in whose memory or honor it was given.  All gifts to our program are tax deductible.


The Memorials and Endowments Committee has a very strict process of determining when and how much money will be given for any special project. Be assured that before any money is provided for any project, we make sure that the project meets the intended purpose of the original donors if the money is to be taken from a specific memorial.  In addition, both the cabinet and the Board of Finance must request the funds.  In essence, M&E is carefully and effectively managing funds given to its care.  We hope that you will help M&E continue to support Olmsted Community Church by deciding to contribute to an existing memorial or endowment or by creating one in the name of someone special to you.


Send a check payable to Olmsted Community Church to our address at 7853 Main Street, Olmsted Falls, OH 44035. Be sure to note on the check (or on a separate note) what the check is intended for. For example: “Memorial for Joe Smith” or “General Endowment Gift”. That will help us direct it to the proper fund. You can also direct a gift to the church through your estate plans. All gifts are appreciated and will be used to advance the mission of Olmsted Community Church. If you have questions, please call the church office at 440-235-3326.