Your Giving at OCC

GiveGainGrow_logoGiving is the heart of saying THANK YOU to the generous God we serve. We offer our thanks with words, deeds of kindness and grace, and by putting our thanksgiving into action.

Your financial giving is just as important as the giving of your time and talents.  It just so happens that financial giving, for many, is easier. You tend to think of that first and, indeed, the church needs monetary support to finance ministry. The funds collected help make ministry real in the lives of those who receive care and services.

So we thank you for your thoughtfulness in giving. In fact, we’d like to ask you to consider a pledge of the amount you intend to give during the calendar year. We call it an “Estimate of Giving”, and it’s not a binding commitment, just an indication of your intentions. It can be changed at any time during the year simply by contacting our Financial Secretary.

CLICK HERE to print Pledge Card 2016 (pdf)

Pledging allows the church to plan its ministries for the year ahead. Regular giving keeps things financially steady so that ministry is not interrupted.

If you wish to mail a check or a pledge card to the church, send to: Financial Secretary, Olmsted Community Church, 7853 Main Street, Olmsted Falls OH  44138.


New online donation option available as of Fall 2017Click here to visit now

One of the simplest ways to do regular giving is to arrange for it through your bank’s online bill-pay program.

Enroll the church in your account to receive regular payments, and set the schedule for your gifts to your preference. The bank will then mail a paper check to the church on the schedule you determine.  This can be changed by you at any time on your bank’s website.  Most banks do not charge a fee for this service, and even the postage is free.

The downside is that the bank uses business language of “bills” and “payments”, while our hearts seek to communicate the spiritual act of giving. Here’s the information your bank may request:

  • PAYEE:  Olmsted Community Church
  • PAYEE ADDRESS: 7853 Main Street, Olmsted Falls OH 44138
  • PAYEE PHONE: 440-235-3326
  • PAYEE ACCOUNT NUMBER:  None is needed, leave it blank. Your name and address will be on the printed check.
  • FREQUENCY OF PAYMENT: Pay Manually or Pay Automatically at regular intervals (Monthly, weekly, bi-weekly, yearly, etc.)
  • START DATE and STOP DATE: Tell them when to begin and end.

If you use electronic giving, we encourage you to find the bright yellow card in the pew pocket and place it in the offering plate. The time of offering is an important aspect of our worship, and this allows everyone to participate–even if you’ve given with a monthly check.


Quarterly giving statements will be mailed to donors. To receive statements by email instead, CLICK HERE to send a note to our Financial Secretary.