Quarterly Giving Statements

As a regular donor to Olmsted Community Church, you currently receive a quarterly Giving Statement in the mail.  The Statement details each identified donation or other transaction and, for appropriate types of donations, indicates your progress toward meeting your pledged commitments. The 4th quarter Giving Statement serves as the annual Statement and is useful to many in preparing an annual tax return.  PLEASE NOTE that, In place of a mailed Statement, the church can deliver your Statement electronically to your email IN box each quarter.  Read more.

Each such mailed (via USPS) Statement costs about 59 cents (or about $520 total each year).  While not a particularly large cost, it is an avoidable cost to the church for those with an active email account.  Each quarterly Statement emailed means more donated funds can be directed to critical church mission needs.  We invite you – if you wish – to sign up for electronic delivery of your Giving Statements.  It’s an easy and safe way to help out your church.

If you would like to start receiving an electronic Giving Statement in lieu of a mailed paper statement, please use the form below to sign up.

Here is some additional information to help you decide if this is right for you:

  • Your smiling folding/stuffing/stamping volunteers will have less work!
  • The Giving Statements, in .pdf file format, are delivered securely through an SSL email server connection.  The sending email address is (financial.secretary@OlmstedChurch.org).  You may need to check your spam or junk folder.
  • There is no “sensitive” personal information (SSNs, bank account numbers, etc.) present or at risk on the Statements.
  • Your email address won’t be revealed to others.
  • Your statement may be more confidential with electronic delivery.
  • Donors have a permanent record for future reference (if they don’t delete the email).
  • The transmittal email (the Statement .pdf file is an attachment) contains the same information often mailed with Statements as a separate letter.
  • To change the desired email address, simply complete the form again with your new email address.

To discontinue electronic delivery and return to receiving Statements in the mail, please email a request to financial.secretary@OlmstedChurch.org or call the church office at 440-235-3326 and leave a message.