Staff and Facilities

About our Preschool staff

Every member of our staff is well qualified and experienced.  They are trained in the area of preschool education and meet or exceed the requirements of the State of Ohio for work with preschoolers.  They have been specifically chosen for their love of preschool children and their ability to recognize and appreciate the unique gifts of the children they teach.  Email the staff by clicking here.

About our facility

Olmsted Community Preschool strives to obtain the safest environment for our students and our staff.  Our facility is equipped with an audio/video security system. This means that no one will be allowed access to our facility without our knowledge. In addition to our playground and large motor room, our facility is equipped with a computer lab to be used to enhance our student’s technical skills.

Thanks to the Olmsted Falls Fire Department, we are also equipped with an all-hazards radio emergency alert system.  This alerts us to impending weather situations as well as Amber Alerts, hazardous materials warnings, terrorism warnings, and other urgent messages affecting public safety.  The safety of our students is our number one priority.

Any questions call the preschool at 440/235-3869.