Celebrating a Century of Faithfulness

Now celebrating our 100th anniversary as Olmsted Community Church, this congregation has enjoyed a rich history of faithfulness to the communities we serve.

In 1917, our two predecessor churches merged to create a stronger unified presence for Protestant worship.  The Congregationalists and the Methodists, with church buildings across the street from each other, joined forces in an ecumenical spirit to help people feel at home regardless of their spiritual background. It was named a “community church” to show its intentional welcome to all.

At first, both denominations were equally represented in church life and administration, but over time the Methodist connections fell away.  Today our congregation maintains close ties with our mission partner, The United Church of Christ which itself resulted from a merger of Congregationalists and similar-minded denominations.

With such a rich history of faithfulness, we ask God’s blessings on our future, and we warmly welcome those who want to journey with us.

Our prayer to Almighty God:

Grateful for the past you’ve given, now we look in hope to you.

Help us be like Christ to others, working for a world that’s new.

By your Spirit, lead and guide us as your loving family,

Teach us, shape us, walk beside us! Send us out in ministry!