Holy Week Services

Metamorphoses Church Bulletin CoverLent is a season of the church year that helps  Christians focus on the need for repentance in light of Jesus’ sacrificial love. Observing Lent allows followers of Jesus to walk in his footsteps examine our own lives as we journey with Christ.

Activities of the church during this season lead us toward the cross. Join us for worship, study, mission outreach and fellowship as we move closer to being Christ to the world.


Sunday, March 20 — Palm/Passion Sunday. A joyful children’s processional leads the way as we recall the triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem, a foreshadowing of his Passion leading to the cross.

Wednesday, March 23 — Bread and Broth, 6pm. Our final gathering of this Lenten supper and study program, focusing on the life and ministry of the Apostle Paul.

Thursday, March 24 — Maundy Thursday Communion, 7 pm. We gather in Fellowship Hall around tables as did Jesus and the disciples to reenact and remember their Last Supper in the upper room. All are welcome to share in Holy Communion.

Friday, March 25–Good Friday Service of Shadows, 7pm. The sanctuary is the setting for the somber remembrance of Jesus, who gave himself for the sake of the world.


Saturday, March 30, 5pm — a small but joyful gathering in the Chapel to honor and reflect on the Resurrection of Christ.

Sunday, March 31, 8am and 10am — Lilies, choir anthems, uplifting hymns, and soulful sermon are all part of the soaring worship of our Risen Lord.